Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Throwing Progress (and a bit of exciting news!)

Last time I was on the wheel, I decided to try and go bigger (because as we all know it's better ha ha!).  A larger lump of clay is much harder to centre and I ended up with a graze on the side of my hand from all the effort, but ended up with three good bowls. Two, unfortunately went to pottery heaven.  In my mind they were a lot bigger than they actually are, but nonetheless, are good sized noodle/soup/serving bowls.  But as thrilling as this is, I have some even more exciting news. Today I was interviewed (via Skype) by Paul Blais, host of The Potters Cast. Paul's podcasts are so inspiring and I was very humbled to be included among the impressive group of potters that he has interviewed.  My interview will be podcast next Tuesday, can't wait to hear it and fingers crossed that I didn't sound like a total nutcase!

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